Abigail Maker





graphic designer

As a graphic designer for Well+Good,my focus is to create graphics for the editorial and branded content teams. Some of my responsibilities include curating the look of the site to ensure brand consistency, creating photo briefs, assisting on photoshoots and creating signage for events.

wellandgood.com / @iamwellandgood


Editorial Features

These custom collages are created daily to promote Editorial news content relevant to the Well+Good brand.


Editorial Seals

Each of the features below showcase a logo mark created for a different Editorial franchise. The logos are placed on feature images to indicate the specific series.



Custom illustrations created for Editorial features and interior graphics.

Illustration for a story on how to organize your fridge

A series of recipes cards for a story on Smoothie cost

Illustration depicting how much beauty product to use

Illustration for a story on Gun Violence Survivors

Illustration for a story on Palm Reading

Illustration for a story on Microblading Eyebrows

Illustration for a story on Period Positivity

Illustration for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Custom photography and art direction for editorial, social and branded content.